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For general enquiries please contact: 01952 432175


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Beth Heath | Shropshire Festivals | | 01952 432175
Ashley Evers-Swindell | Shropshire Petals | | 01952 691553

Shropshire Petals and Shropshire Festivals have teamed up to offer a brand new experience that will allow visitors to wander through a giant field of colourful British flowers.


Shropshire Petals are a fourth-generation family farm that grow a variety of British flowers, to make biodegradable petal confetti and dried flowers. All their petals are sustainable, natural and eco-friendly, making them the best choice for weddings worldwide. The flowers bloom during July and August, they’re picked by hand and dried onsite to ensure the highest quality. The Shropshire Petals team also handmade dried flower arrangements for home décor, gifting and events.


Shropshire Festivals are the award-winning events team behind Shrewsbury Food Festival, Shropshire Oktoberfest, Shropshire Tasty Trail, Shropshire Kids Festival and many more of the region’s favourite events.

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